Video: SynergyDance on Capital Edition

It’s taken us a while to gather and edit together some of the many beautiful videos and photos shot over the years — and it’s been a while since this first aired. Here’s Channel 9/Washington’s “Capital Edition” feature on SynergyDance and Charmaine Lee, founder of Synergy Dance & Healing Arts Center in D.C., which first aired in 1990. (That was a few months after a newspaper reporter who’d never been in a dance class showed up at Charmaine’s Tenleytown studio and turned this report in to the Washington Post’s Weekend section.

Cville: The Synergizer Bunny

Your journey toward personal expression and self-discovery has stalled out at a critical crossroads. Stuck in the metaphysical mud, you wonder what a tortured creative soul is supposed to do. If running hasn’t brought you inner peace or your romance novel still isn’t quite coming together, you may be ready to consider the latest...
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Dublin Independent

When the going gets tough, the tough go dancing. In the teeth of the credit crunch, the craze for dance has exploded — after all, it’s cheap, it’s easy and it’s great fun. Victoria Mary Clarke used to be passionate about dancing and recently she’s taken up the tango with her partner Shane MacGowan...
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Pathways Magazine

. . . Place your right thumb just at your solar plexus and your left hand on your head . . . Feel yourself go into center. So begins the 8:30 a.m. exercise class at SynergyDance studio on Wisconsin Avenue. Charmaine is in a new exercise suit today, brown and black, her long black...
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The Washington Post: Mind Over Matters

. . . It’s funny, but you can hear the same tune a thousand times–the one about how successful self-improvement ought to involve both your body and your mind–and never quite get it. Next time it comes around, though, try dancing to it. SynergyDance — the holistic dance-movement therapy that founder Charmaine Lee and...
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Natural Health: Energy Medicine

Charmaine Lee is a classically trained dancer who at nearly fifty has the slender, pliable body of a woman half her age. She created SynergyDance to heal her body and mind after escaping from South Africa. An eclectic combination of ethnic dance, qi gong and yoga, SynergyDance uses the principles of polarity therapy to...
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Under the Duvet, by Marian Keyes

I might have looked as if I was just prancing around a room with ten others but I was actually “activating Kundalini energy flow in my body, creating a safe, sacred space for healing sexuality.” So now for you. Tuesday night, Temple Bar, SynergyDance — I had no idea what to expect. While talking...
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Everything You Need to Feel Go(o)d, by Candace Pert

Here we go . . . I said to myself as I signaled for the conference room lights to dim and CD to begin taking us all on a musically guided meditation. Thirty-five minutes later, when that portion of the recording came to an end, there was an almost palpable silence in the room....
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Magic at Work, by Carol Pearson

I have learned from several individuals who exhibit mastery of the informed used of the five elements in the creation process. While researching and writing this book, I was fortunate to study with Charmaine Lee, director of the Synergy Dance and Healing Arts Center. Lee teaches people like you and me to dance the...
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Synergy Dance & Healing Arts Center is a not-for-profit 501(3)(c) organization committed to the promotion of elemental, energy-based movement as a healing force in nature.