Video: SynergyDance on Capital Edition

It's taken us a while to gather and edit together some of the many beautiful videos and photos shot over the years — and it's been a while since this first aired. Here's Channel 9/Washington's "Capital Edition" feature on SynergyDance and Charmaine Lee, founder of Synergy Dance & Healing Arts Center in D.C., which first...

SynergyDance Clips: The Elements

SynergyDance movements are based on the elemental energies of polarity therapy — earth, water, fire, air and ether. This brief montage from the original SynergyDance 60-Minute Video (1997) is meant to shed some light on the subject (plus, we got to relive some truly great days in and around Negril, Jamaica).

SynergyDance Clips: Deep Water

SynergyDance Clip 1: Short clip of SynergyDance creator Charmaine Lee from the 1997 SynergyDance 60-Minute Video, shot in Negril, Jamaica. Produced by Golden Dolphin/Walter Starck and SynergyDance.

‘SynergyDance, Vol. 1’ on iTunes

Roger Piantadosi’s first SynergyDance compilation was released Dec. 16, 2008, and now “SynergyDance, Vol. 1,” which features music composed for or inspired by founding director Charmaine Lee’s SynergyDance classes, is available on iTunes. Buy it from CDBaby • Buy it from Amazon • The instrumentals on “SynergyDance, Vol. 1” range from percussive, upbeat and danceable...

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