‘SynergyDance, Vol. 1’ on iTunes

Roger Piantadosi’s first SynergyDance compilation was released Dec. 16, 2008, and now “SynergyDance, Vol. 1,” which features music composed for or inspired by founding director Charmaine Lee’s SynergyDance classes, is available on iTunes.

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Roger Piantadosi - SynergyDance, Vol. 1

The instrumentals on “SynergyDance, Vol. 1” range from percussive, upbeat and danceable Latin-, African- and Asian-accented pop to pristine piano ballads and introspective meditations meant for relaxation or inner exploration. It’s all driven by the keyboards, drumming and percussion programming of SynergyDance music director Roger Piantadosi, and the hands of virtuoso percussionist Steve Bloom, co-founder of Washington D.C.’s Dance Place.

Great music for dreaming, driving and dinner parties — and, obviously, for the kind of barefoot, expressive dancing and inner exploration that comprise a typical SynergyDance class.

Right now, the music is available via Amazon, CDBaby and iTunes/Apple Music.

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