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SynergyDance uses movement to invoke the subtle energies of Polarity Therapy in inner exploration, expressive dance and stillness. The classes are a three-part process. The first is inner exploration, in which slowly undulating and fluid rhythms accompany self-applied cranio-sacral and Polarity contacts and stretches on the floor, moving progressively through the elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth. The second part is expressive dance that uses Polarity Therapy principles of the elements and the healing energies behind ancient and multicultural dance forms and music, including African, Brazilian, Middle Eastern, Celtic and more, bringing awareness of your mental attention, emotional intention and physical action. The final part of class, process, offers a relaxing stillness for observing and tracking energy circuits and sensations.

SynergyDance, Synergy Yoga and Still Motion classes help bring about the awareness that “energy is the substance behind the appearance of form and matter,” in Polarity creator Randolph Stone’s words, and allows participants to feel and understand how the energies behind the elements affect our spiritual, mental and emotional makeup.

It also helps to experience the step-down of energy into the physical. For example, in Polarity and SynergyDance — and in each of us — the element of Ether represents the etheric sea, the space for all other elements, as well as inner attention, the cerebral-spinal fluid and the joints, and the emotional qualities of grief and self-esteem. Air relates to the subatomic/sonic realm, to the emotions of greed and contentment, to the body’s nervous and respiratory systems. Fire rules the ionic/microductular level, anger and forgiveness, the body’s digestive system, muscles and viscera. Water is the molecular/metabolic element, ruling the emotions of lust, gluttony of the senses and moderation, and the body’s reproductive, circulatory and lymphatic systems. Earth is the macromolecular/genetic realm, the emotions of fear and courage, the eliminative organs and skeletal system.

By moving through these elements consciously, participants make such concepts tangible, and can use this newfound knowledge to identify the causes of energy blocks and bring them to awareness, earning Synergy’s floor work high praise over the years from doctors, chiropractors, cranial-sacral therapists and energy practitioners.

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  1. margaret on July 29, 2014 at 12:06 pm

    blown away, just what i need right now. are their any classes in dublin, ireland???
    many blessings
    margaret xxx

    • admin on July 29, 2014 at 1:52 pm

      thanks, margaret. i have sent danielle vierling, who teaches in ireland, your email address.


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