As above, so below

June 21, 2014

Those of you who were in class in D.C. last week may remember that I mentioned watching the sun rise and move through the trees as a way to see how energy moves and how you can actually see the magnetic field’s movement, by looking at the center and then the edges of the sun’s visible rays. Thanks to Caroline Casey for posting a link to this YouTube video — an episode of “Nova” on recent discoveries about the earth’s magnetic field and how it is in constant motion. The entire program is worth watching, but in particular see the sequence that starts at 36:50 of those same sun’s rays, and the model of the earth’s shifting magnetic field.

Click to open printable PDF file.

Click to open printable PDF file.

Then take a look at Dr. Stone’s chart, at right, of the etheric field, one that I know you are all familiar with.

I wanted to include some relevant words from the SynergyDance manual, most of them taken directly from Dr. Stone, about how we tune in to the universal currents — the microsm and the macrocosm:

Polarity is the principle of the triune essence and energy in all created things. It is energy in motion, expression and sensation. Energy must have a center to move from and an objective to flow to. The positive pole, in its outward flow, is expressed as motor currents [centrifugal action]; while the necessary return flow, the centripetal current or the negative pole, is expressed as sensation.

The shoulder level is the horizontal line of subtle stress and the base and fulcrum for the airy and vital pranic energy and its circulation to the neck and head. Opposite is the hip level base, the water and earth element, supporting fulcrum of motion. Please note that the shoulder level base and the hip level base must be engaged simultaneously in one stretch posture [or SynergyDance movement] to move the gross energy block by means of the subtle energy in a united action on both levels. The essential goal is balancing “the above,” the subtle causal patterns of mind and sound-current energy, with “the below,” the gross elements of solids and liquids in the structural frame. “As above, so below.”

Movements should be rolling, rhythmic without force; the way of the effortless effort, to move the deeper energy currents. Let Mother Nature do it by cooperating with her and resting on her bosom. In letting the universal principles take over the job, it is literally riding the River of Life’s energy waves and tuning into them.

And this . . .

The Western nations have over-emphasized the mere physical exertion of muscles against resistance, which is like the piston engine. The compulsion of hard work and military stress and training have always overdeveloped the purely physical aspect of forceful motions, which travel like a piston in a cylinder. It brings out the hardness and compulsion of civilization.



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